People on the Move at Purebrand, Dubit, K2L, The Neighbourhood and Brass

Every fortnight The Drum magazine keeps tabs on who has been hired by who. Here we find out more about new starts at Purebrand, Dubit, K2L, The Neighbourhood and Brass.

01 What attracted you to the position? 02 What company did you last work for? 03 What was your first industry job? 04 How did you find your new position? 05 What is your favourite day of the year? 06 What was the last book you read? And review it in 10 words. 07 What is your favourite website?


1. The chance to gain hands-on experience working on a wide variety of public and private sector accounts as part of a tight knit (and lovely) team. 2. Inghams Travel as Resort Representative in Banff, Canada. 3. A placement at DS.Emotion. 4. I was offered a permanent position following a successful placement at Purebrand. 5. Probably Christmas Eve, I get all excited. 6. Mr Nice – Howard Marks. Amusing, exciting, intelligent, thought-provoking and full of nordle. 7. Postsecret – a collection of people’s postcard secrets every Sunday. You get a totally mixed bag; some secrets are heartbreaking, others are amazingly inspirational.


1. An awesome client list, a great mix of people and the opportunity to help grow the marketing department. Plus having offices above Majestic Wine was high on the list. 2. Whitespace Communications in Sheffield. 3. Account Executive at Poulter Partners. 4. Through a colleague who I used to work with at Dig for Fire (It’s who you know...!). 5. 24th December – the excitement and anticipation of Christmas, with none of the disappointment. 6. The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross. Great beach material – fast paced thriller with a nice twist. 7. Auto Trader, sadly. Who hasn’t looked at the most expensive Ferrari and had a little dream?


1. K2L is an agency with ambition. They’ve doubled in size over the last 18 months, despite the current climate. That’s pretty admirable. 2. The Hub. 3. Junior Copywriter at Bray Leino. 4. It found me, via the good folks at Orchard. 5. Christmas Eve. It’s a day that changes as you get older. When you were kid it was all about Santa. As an adult it’s a great excuse to go to the pub. 6. Awkward Situations for Men by Danny Wallace – perfectly captures the universal anxiety of being a modern man. 7. The Lurpak site. It’s beautifully written, and you can spend hours drooling over recipes for delicious breakfast fodder.


1. Simply, the chance to work with a hugely reputable, highly talented bunch of individuals who love what they do. Utterly refreshing! 2. Red Vision – a 3D/VFX studio. 3. Planner/buyer at Manning Gottlieb Media London. 4. Word of mouth – The Neighbourhood’s reputation reaches far and wide. 5. Christmas Day without a doubt! Being surrounded by family, ripping open presents, eating your own body-weight in treats and cracking open the champers at 10 in the morning – what’s not to like! 6. The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson – Never normally one to indulge in crime novels the second in the trilogy had me hooked from the first line. 7. – Scott Schuman captures the most beautiful clothes (and their most beautiful wearers!) around the world. Pure fashion indulgence.


1. I love the Neighbourhood’s use of CG in more illustrative and artistic forms than I’ve previously been used to. It’s also great to be part of a company at the more exciting, earlier stages of their growth again. 2. Red Vision, in Manchester. 3. I leapt straight in 13 years ago from a 3D hobbyist to 3D artist at Red Vision. 4. I was contacted directly by The Neighbourhood, who were made aware of my availability through a former colleague then working as a freelancer for them. 5. Father’s Day. 6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Starts very slowly then suddenly one is drawn into a page turning frenzy. 7. www.scriptspot. com – how very dull and geeky of me.


1. I was attracted to the role because it allowed opportunities to build on my existing skills as well as channel my creative side. I loved the idea of working with a variety of clients to produce a wide range of brochures. Not to mention seeing the finished products after all the hard work put in. 2. I recently completed a Primary PGCE, but decided it wasn’t my true calling. Before that I worked as a temp for the Legal Services Commission in the Finance Resolution department. 3. This is my first industry job, and after only 3 months in, I want to stay forever! It’s a great job, with lots of opportunities, new experiences everyday and fabulous work colleagues! 4. I’d spoken to Brass previously, they kept my details on file and, when the perfect opportunity arose, they approached me personally for the job. I couldn’t be happier! 5. In the words of Miss Congeniality ‘I would have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!’ But seriously, I’ve always been fond of February 29th, as it only comes around once every 4 years and throws everyone into a frenzy by moving the days in the calendar two places instead of one; it makes me smile! 6. The last book I read, and am still reading, is The Princess Bride. Pirates, Giants, ROUS’s, Spaniards and Truelove – ‘Inconceivable?!?’ I think not! 7. Cath Kidston (also my favourite shop). I love looking at all the new things I can buy to create the ultimate Cath Kidston kitchen!


1. The fantastic research credentials and the opportunity to work at a truly integrated agency with a digital soul. Oh, and I get to work in a Gothic mansion haunted by the Victorian mayor of Leeds. Cool! 2. Design Bridge London as a researcher on the brand strategy team. 3. Moodboards moodboards moodboards; As a junior planner at a small branding agency in London. 4. Through a recruitment agency. 5. That first crisp day of winter when you can almost taste the air and it makes your lungs ache. 6. All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. Beautiful, evocative American epic, a lament to the Old West. 7. ted. com – makes eating sandwiches at your desk acceptable.

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