iPad in vogue and Vogue in iPad

Vogue is adopting Apple’s of the moment iPad this month as the fashion magazine publishes its first ever digital edition.

Publisher Conde Nast is embracing the platform for a suite of its titles, including technology magazine Wired, following the launch of a number of iPad apps in the US.

The virtual magazine promises to be lither than its hefty real world cousin, offering readers full access to print edition content at virtually the same price, the apps will sell for £3.99 per month versus a cover price of £4 for Vogue and £4.10 for Wired.

Conde Nast has stated that they will not discount the pricing of their electronic editions, expecting as much as 40% of their sales could stem from the iPad within 15 years.

Advertisements will appear as they do in the print edition but with the option to include links to advertisers sites along with opportunity to embed video, slideshows and audio.

Albert Read, general manager of Conde Nast said: “We have arrived at a point where magazine publishers have before them what they have long dreamed of – an opportunity to transfer the magazine qualities of deep immersion, high resolution images, long form journalism and storytelling to a digital format.”

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