NHS campaign urges Birmingham women to cut daily drinking

NHS Birmingham East and North is launching an integrated campaign to urge women to have three alcohol-free days a week for three months.

The '3 Days Booze Free' campaign is part of a drive to reduce the number of women aged 35 to 55 being admitted to hospital due to the effects of long-term excessive drinking.

Created by London agency Dr Foster Intelligence, the campaign consists of posters, a website and 'challenge packs' featuring "tips on how to enjoy an evening without booze" and a progress chart.

The packs will be given out in Birmingham by staff based around a 16 foot inflatable branded wine bottle, banner stands and a small exhibition unit. On Saturdays they will mix up non-alcoholic cocktails.

Nicola Benge, director of health improvement at NHS Birmingham East and North, said: “Recent research shows that drinking every day, even in small amounts, can significantly increase the risk of liver disease, so having three days every week without alcohol reduces the risk of serious harm, as well as leaving you feeling healthier in the short-term.

"The campaign takes a different stance from traditional campaigns, as it does not discourage drinking altogether but instead asks women to try to moderate the amount and frequency of alcohol they drink by providing them with a practical challenge to take part in.”

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