Blogosphere: round up of the best creative blogs

It is hard work being brilliant. You should know... But all work and no play can, at times, be less than productive. So, why not trawl the web of intrigue and let the minds of other do the hard (and brilliant) work for you.

UNFINISHED MAN - Vintage ads for Facebook, Twitter, Skype & YouTube

What would the advertising have looked like for social media, if it was available back in the 1950s and 60s? Brazilian advertising agency Moma Sao Paulo has answered that question with four cool looking posters for the most popular social media websites; Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Youtube. The ad posters are designed for an upcoming convention in Brazil and showcases the idea of what is new today, is old tomorrow.

NOTCOT - CIA:License to Inspire

Firstly - I love that the British Central Illustration Agency goes by CIA. And their first book, License to Inspire, just arrived as perfect Monday morning inspiration to share with you. On first impressions, I barely wanted to open the box I was so enamoured by knight in shining armour on his horse! And then within the partial dust jacket looks lovely too! The CIA have been representing some of the most amazing illustrators and designers for years - (and they do the BEST weekly calendars!) and it’s incredible to see, flip through, hold, and read about their inspiration and see work from some of their stunning artists in print form!

BEST BOOKMARKS - Pencil sculptures of Dalton J. Paul Getty

If you think that a pencil is a tool for drawing, painting or writing notes - you’re wrong! 45-year-old carpenter, Dalton J. Paul Getty for 25 years has turned ordinary pencils into incredible miniature sculptures.

DESIGN MIND - iPad as Retro TV

Frogs do some pretty fascinating things in their spare time, combining their passion for technology with their artistry. So, when frog Creative Director Jonas Damon transformed a fruit crate into a retro iPad charging doc, we wanted to get the full scoop.A statement from the resourceful artist, Jonas Damon: “I’ve heard designers lament the end of industrial design for some time now: single-purpose products like calculators and alarm clocks are being replaced by smart devices, leaving nothing more than a screen in a minimal enclosure. Another woe is that design is increasingly being offered by off shore OEMs and ODMs, leaving design quality to suffer at the hand of the cheap cost.“I’ve got a different way of looking at it: all this advanced technology is actually enabling industrial design. A product’s form used to be dictated by its mechanical function. Products had distinctive shapes largely because the composition of the internal components mandated a certain form. But, as mechanics are being replaced by microchips, these constraints are disappearing. Designers have more opportunity with form now; ergonomics and expression no longer need compromising.”

IT’S NICE THAT - Chris Madden

As if it’s crying out to be printed directly onto the actual glass in front of me, Chris Madden’s simple, eloquent illustration feels a little wasted as pixels, when I’m sure it looks even better complimented by the smell of freshly printed ink. Nice stuff from a recent graduate with an undoubtedly bright future.

GUERRILLA INNOVATION - SMSlingshot:digital text messages on urban facades

The SMS slingshot is a device designed to create digital augmented realities in urban space.The device is shaped as a wooden slingshot with a build-in mobile phone display, a keypad and a laser. Users can type a text message and shoot it straight at a large facade. A projector pointed at the facade will show the message as a colour splash with the message written within.The project is designed by VR/URBAN, a group of digital intervention-activists based in Berlin. They will demonstrate the device at various media-festival in the next couple of months. Check their website for dates and technical specs.

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