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BrewDog seeks new marketing manager

BrewDog seeks new marketing managerBrewDog seeks new marketing manager

The Drum has learned that Richard McLelland, UK sales and trade marketing manager for BrewDog has left the company for a new role.

MacLelland, who joined the controversial brewery in February 2009 from Liquide Ltd, where he was involved in the launch of Red Bull in Scotland. He had previously also been involved in launching Smirnoff Ice to the UK marketplace.

James Watt, managing director of BrewDog said that he did not know where McLelland’s new position would be, but that the company was actively seeking a successor in the role, who would be in place as-soon-as possible, although no one names were in the frame as yet.

BrewDog recently hit the headlines when it released limited edition packaging for its ‘The End is History’ ale, which used the carcases of dead animals as bottle holders, sparking anger from animal rights activists.

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Anonymous (not verified)
5 Aug 2010 - 14:03
Anonymous's picture

Can I get the job? My first great marketing idea would be to serve up bottles off beer in the bodies of dead animals like squirrels and rats that have been scraped up off the road and cobbled back together by a taxidriver, sorry, I mean taxidermist. Whadaya mean a bloody stupid idea!?

Anonymous (not verified)
5 Aug 2010 - 15:59
Anonymous's picture

No, can I get the job?

My idea is better than Anon 14:03...

We brew a beer of 2001% proof, we call it the Space Oddity, we tie in a deal with Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic and his official launch, we get the passengers to drink it in space and video them as the zero gravity mixes with the BREW. "It's a Crazy idea, it just might work"


We BREW a 69% proof tipple... we sex it up a little with the bottles made of naked figurines, obviously in said 69 position, we can cover many sectors, male and female, female and female and male and male... that's a winner.

When do I start?

6 Aug 2010 - 07:42
scott@traffic's picture

save the money put a side for a marketing manager and employ a master brewer instead to help get the taste better - its pretty rank.

Anonymous (not verified)
9 Aug 2010 - 09:23
Anonymous's picture

Is Richard's new role bolt gun operator at the local abbottoir?


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