This week's People on the Move - week ending 23/07/10

Every fortnight The Drum magazine keeps tabs on who has been hired by who. If you have recently joined a new company then contact Thomas O'Neill at The Drum so that you can appear in our People on the Move section as well.

What attracted you to the position?What company did you last work for?What was your first industry job?How did you find your new position?Do you have a hidden talent?What one item could you not live without?If you could have any superpower what would you choose?


Meeting with the senior people in the agency and hearing their vision for the future.Publicis.Head of Analytics at MDSGlobal Consulting (Data and Analytics division within Grey Global Group).Headhunter.Photographic memory that allows me to store an enormous amount of useless facts and figures.Sky Sports subscription.Ability to see in to the future.


I was looking for new creative challenges, for great clients, and with goodpeople. Crombie ticked every box.One O'ClockGun Design Consultants in Edinburgh.A placement at One O'Clock Gun, which turned into a full time position.Through Drum Jobs online.My carrot cake must be tasted to be believed.My make up bag. I've been known to make an emergency dash to Boots on days where I've left it at home.Teleportation. Travel without the hassle – no more airports, railway stations, or waiting for a bus – bliss!


The chance to work on a broad range of global clients from technological to retail and stretch my abilities in a fast paced environment. I love working on a variety of different projects and surrounding myself with industry professionals whom I can learn from. The Scott Partnership offers this in abundance along with fantastic guidance for a great start in the PR industry.The last PR agency I worked for was GDR Public Relations.Account Executive for GDR Public Relations during my sandwich PR degree. It was a great first taste of the PR industry, working on great clients with great people.Black Cherry Recruitment contacted me regarding the position which I was immediately excited about.I have a killer back hand in tennis.On a completely materialistic plane, I’d have to say my iPhone. A Wilsonvolleyball may also come in handy when stranded on a desert island!I’d like to be able to rewind time and change anything! Handy in sticky situations!


I was tired of the fluffiness of lifestyle and consumer PR and looking to work on more challenging accounts. B2B seemed the obvious choice and The Scott Partnership has some of the most scientifically technical clients possible!Ubiquity PR, in Liverpool.Working for a tiny PR Agency called Aero Media. The office was based in the director’s house and the house was in the middle of nowhere! It took me over 2 hours to get work!I signed up with the recruitment agency Black Cherry and literally within a week I had a new job.None of my talents are hidden. If I have a talent I shout about it!My laptop. I feel cut off from the world without it. Also, my mascara.The ability to click my fingers and change location immediately. No more long commutes or cancelled flights!


I was attracted to the position by the sheer diversity of the job description. Also the challenges that lie ahead as my role in the company develops further.I last worked for Kuoni Travel a specialist Long Haul Tour operator of Swiss origin and over 100 years experience.My first industry job was with Lunn Poly and I used to hate in whilst in uniform when everyone used to shout ‘get away’.I found the position with a travel recruitment company (A A appointments).I would like to think my entertainment value is my hidden talent. Often strange things happen to me in life through no fault of my own that really seem to make amuse my friends and colleagues.I could not live without my lipstick and when I die I would like my epitaph to read ‘She died with her lipstick on!’ hopefully…If I could choose a super power I would definitely like to be invisible I think it could be such good fun and mischievous.


The opportunity to expand the German market in the sales promotion sector attracted me to this position. I admire the achievements of freshrewards and can’t wait to bring the success of the sales promotion over to the German market.I worked for First Solution GmbH, Germanyin Sales & Marketing before I decided to move to Manchester. My role was to promote international business partners in the tourism industry both to existing and potential customers. A key highlight for me was the opportunity to maintain, manage and foster meetings, incentives, conventions and events.My first industry job was in a TV production as an Editorial Assistant. I worked on the pre-production and post-production for promotional films including; Vodafone Informations Systems, Henkel and Goldwell.I guess I was at the right place at the right time as I worked at the customer service telephone response at freshrewards when I got offered my current position.I love photography. If I wouldn't be an Account Manager at freshrewards I would be a photographer and travel around the world.I can honestly say that I couldn't live without my camera.I would choose to have the ability to fly.


Everything about the fresh group! The culture, environment and the desire to succeed is infectious.I was a self employed consultant, working with Blue Chip organisations and SME’s helping them manage their motivation & rewards schemes.I worked for Woolworths in their gift voucher department.I received a telephone call from a friend and an email from a colleague at the same time!Yes, but not telling!My iPhone.The power for Liverpool FC to win the premiership soon!


Turn Key has a great reputation for producing extremely creative work. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work alongside a great team of talented marketing professionals.I was a Business Development Manager for the Logistik Group.I worked as a Web Administrator for a small ISP called Totalise.I found out about the role through a recruitment consultancy, New Business Clinic.Sadly, no!It has to be my iPhone. It does have an app for almost everything!It would have to be the ability to fly. I could go anywhere I wanted without having to travel to an airport, queue up and check in. Plus, I would be able to reduce my carbon emissions!


Turn Key presented me with a fantastic opportunity to work with a group of friendly marketing professionals that possess a raw passion for what they do.I worked as Web Developer for Fish.Net, a Lancashire-based web systems company.Junior Web Developer for Mamas & PapasThrough one of my spies in the industry!Not really but I do rather like amateur photography.I am ashamed to say that it would have to be my iPhone – it’s just so useful!Who says I don’t have a superpower…

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