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New e-commerce Chevron site to be developed by Blueleaf Digital

New e-commerce Chevron site to be developed by Blueleaf DigitalNew e-commerce Chevron site to be developed by Blueleaf Digital

Racing car manufacturer Chevron is to launch a new website having tasked Blueleaf Digital with the brief.

The company, which provides cars, service, repairs, race preparation and support, will use the new site to offer users an e-commerce facility for online purchases.

Rob Smith, director of Blueleaf Digital, explained: “When we initially reviewed the current site, we realised certain aspects were quite restricting for visitors; our aim is to completely revamp the website, making it more appealing, user friendly, and providing a more efficient and convenient online service.”

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10 Jul 2010 - 12:32
rob_smith's picture

It's Rob from Blueleaf Digital - just as a point of note - the new site is actually under development. The site linked to is of course, the old one!


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