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ITN, Facebook, Google, iPad: The Drum's Sunday Round-up

ITN, Facebook, Google, iPad: The Drum's Sunday Round-upITN, Facebook, Google, iPad: The Drum's Sunday Round-up

The Drum has pulled together the best to save you trawling through all the Sundays to find out what's happening on the media and marketing front this morning.

• Can a new social networking site launched for Muslims succeed where Facebook failed asks the Mail on Sunday?

• Pension Tension
The makers of the News at Ten and Chanel 4 New, ITN is in dispute with its pensions fund trustees over plugging the growing deficit in its retirement fund, says the Sunday Times.

• Tweet Warning
A minister has been warned about her Twitter activity after she sent Tweets that revealed she was ln the bath, says the Mail on Sunday.

• Riddle told Don't Visit VisitScotland Again
The Sunday Herald reports that ‘a power struggle’ in the boardroom for control over VisitScotland has led to its CEO Phillip Riddle leaving his post at the organization, having been told there was no place for him by new chairman Mike Cantlay.

• A Lotta Motto
Local councils and public sector organisations have wasted thousands on of pounds of taxpayers money re-writing old logos to hep market themselves more effectively reports the Sunday Telegraph.

• Off The Chart
A new hotel has opened in Brussells, which will appeal to designers around the world - it has been entirely designed using the famous Pantone colour charts, reports the Sunday Times.

• Google is Watching You
Google's Street View is in trouble again after it came to light that while mapping the UK for its Street View platform it also secretly took your Wi-fi details and is building a huge database, reports the Mail on Sunday.

• NOTW Launches Leo
The News of the World has launched its own mascot for England's World Cup team in the form of Leo the Lion. Hear his first report as the England team prepare to face Japan today.

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