Birmingham PR opens Clive Reeves Public Relations

Experienced PR man Clive Reeves has opened his own eponymous agency in Birmingham after leaving his role as PR director at Ward Lovett Advertising & PR.

Reeves, who started his career as an account executive at Barry Rhodes advertising, has worked in public relations for 25 years and held the PR post at Ward Lovett from 2005.

He said Clive Reeves Public Relations, based at Birmingham Science Park, would lean towards a "boutique" approach and avoid the PR pitfalls of some established agencies which mail out unhelpful press releases en masse.

"Increasingly what clients want is a consultancy with a small, experienced team who will work in true partnership with them and offer strategic advice and the practical application of effectively communicating with their customers, the media, and the communities in which they operate.

“This approach is far removed from being a press release factory, firing out badly targeted emails – you only need to log onto Twitter and you’ll see very senior journalists complaining about the daily amount of rubbish bombarding their in-box. This can only be damaging to a company’s long term relationship with the media, yet sadly it’s something even the largest agencies seem to be accused of an awful lot."

The new business's offer has gone down well with clients, according to Reeves. The agency claims to it has secured early wins with Altecnic, Aston Business School, Birmingham Science Park, Bradin Trubshaw Solicitors, Dunlop Motorsport, Entrepreneurs for the Future, Goodyear Dunlop, Intaeco and Intatec.

Since joining the industry in 1986 Reeves has worked for RTA Advertising and Connect and spent time freelancing. As a consultant in the early nineties he advised Advised Compagnie Générale des Eaux (now Veolia Environnement) on its entry to the UK waste management industry.

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