Royal Albert Hall to get spray paint job

Bristol-based firm Lumacoustics is taking part in the Royal Albert Hall’s unique exhibition – LOAD, showcasing graffiti and street artwork commissioned by the Royal Albert Hall and creative group Daydream Network.

Guests at the Royal Albert Hall will be able to paint digital graffiti on a massive scale using a modified spray can.

The digital graffiti will then be saved and emailed to give guests a permanent memento of the event. The whole system, named YrWall, including cutting edge projection-mapped video, has been designed and created by Lumacoustics.

The exhibition, 22 June, will turn the walls of the historic venue’s Loading Bay into a contemporary tribute to 138 years of history. Lumacoustics digital graffiti wall, YrWall, will take centre stage during the launch evening, with guests encouraged to design their own urban art.

Instead of paint, when the cap is pressed the can ‘sprays’ invisible light, which is tracked by the computer as it moves across the digital wall. The digital paint appears wherever the can is sprayed, just like spraying paint on a real wall. Artistic creations can then be saved, recalled and played back, as well as used in a number of other ways to create unique and personal mementos, such as live t-shirt printing.

Meanwhile, in between the massive art covered walls, Lumacoustics will be showcasing time-lapse photography and footage of over 130 years of historic acts from the Royal Albert Hall using its in-house visual software. The visual software allows video, 2D and 3D content to be generated, calibrated and displayed in real-time on any shaped surface, without distorting the final image. This means any surface can become a high-resolution video display, from a car to an office building.

Lumacoustics, is a creative company researching, designing and building interactive and engaging visual experiences. The company grew out of the Bristol street art scene working with artists and music promoters to create cutting edge visuals.

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