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Guide Dogs asks for 2 a month in TDA campaign

Guide Dogs asks for £2 a month in TDA campaignGuide Dogs asks for £2 a month in TDA campaign

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is trying to combat the recession by asking for donations of just £2 a month in a new direct mail campaign by TDA.

Two mail packs and a landing page for responses have been created by the Cheltenham-based agency and the campaign will go out as a 'cold mailing' to 100,000 people this month to test interest.

Amanda Mitchell-Francombe, Guide Dogs' head of individual giving, said the charity's main offer remains £6 a month but hopes the cheaper alternative will appeal to people feeling the pinch of recession.

She said: “While our core acquisition offer remains Sponsor a Puppy, which typically recruits people for £6 a month, we felt the need to test a more affordable ask in a time when many people feel financially constrained.

“We hope that powerful stories showing how guide dogs can transform people’s mobility and independence, combined with the fact that the guide dog service receives no government funding, will move people to make a small, regular gift.”

The mailer comes in two creative executions: 'Tavistock Square' tells the story of a guide dog owner caught up in the London bombings while 'Bus stop' shows how regular £2 donations can help people in need.

Gareth Wood, client service director at TDA, explained why the charity needs regular support. He said: “The charity makes a commitment to every guide dog owner to provide them with a guide dog for as long as they need. Someone who receives their first guide dog in their twenties may need six or seven guide dogs throughout the course of their life.”

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