New Diet Irn-Bru 'Spot the Difference' campaign created by The Leith Agency

AG Barrs has launched a new advertising campaign to highlight the lack of sugar content in Irn-Bru.

Created by The Leith Agency, the ‘Spot the Difference’ billboard campaign will highlight that the different between Diet Irn-Bru and Irn-Bru is the lack of sugar.

Martin Steele, brand manager for Irn-Bru said:"Diet Irn-Bru has the phenomenal taste without the sugar. Our new advertising campaign is designed to make sure that everyone knows the sugar free benefit, in Irn-Bru's own distinctive, humorous way."

The campaign begins as newly designed cans and bottles of Diet Irn-Bru are launched in supermarkets and newsagents across Scotland.

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