The making of an icon: Celia Chapman, co-designer of the BBC 2 ident, relives creating that fat, sharp-edged little numeral

The UK’s third ever TV channel, the first in Europe to regularly transmit in colour, and the... Read more

Tight Briefs – the best of week eight: Advertise a budget airline winner revealed

For our eighth Tight Brief, we challenged the creative industry to advertise a budget airline.... Read more

Bald Cartoons - Snoopy, Popeye, Hello Kitty and Garfield shave their heads in support of children's cancer charity

A campaign for the Brazilian Cancer Hospital, GRAACC, has seen favourite children’s cartoon... Read more

Social media strategist, PR director, graphic designer: what your job title really means

Ahh, job titles. They are very important, and with jobs existing now that didn't five years ago ... Read more


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