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Norwich Union launches equity release campaign

Norwich Union launches equity release campaignNorwich Union launches equity release campaign
Norwich Union launches equity release campaign

Norwich Union is running a campaign to promote the benefits of equity release, with below-the-line work provided by TDA.

The campaign includes below-the-line work from Cheltenham-based agency TDA to encourage people to make an appointment with a Norwich Union equity release adviser.

The objective is to demonstrate how people can release money from their equity without having to move home, highlighting that Norwich Union will advise whether it’s right or not.

Matt Hall, senior account director at TDA, explained: “This campaign takes a positive, upbeat approach to overcome some of the emotional barriers associated with equity release.”

Below-the-line direct marketing activity will include door drop, direct mail and press ads. London-based agency AMV BBDO is also working on the account.

Meanwhile, TDA has crafted a direct marketing campaign for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association to appeal to existing donors and new prospects. It showcases the remarkable actions of a guide dog during the 7/7 bombings in London.

The campaign tells the story of businessman Mike Townsend, whose guide dog Tom calmly navigated a route away from Tavistock Square after an explosion brought panic and confusion to the area.

Recipients are asked for one-off cash donations to support the comprehensive training that guide dogs need to enable them to bring mobility and independence to their owners. The campaign coincides with the third anniversary of the terror attacks.

“The timing of this campaign should ensure a positive response from existing supporters and potential donors alike,” saidJamie Taylor, senior account director at TDA. “A second tranche of the campaign will go live in August.”

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