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Is the revival of nostalgic brands just a fad?

Iain Valentine, Creative Director, Whitespace
“Ahhh, Sunday afternoons, I’m 7 and my Gran forces a selection of Blue Riband, Taxi’s and Breakaway chocolate biscuits down my neck. Nostalgia, A fad? Never, it’s a tried and tested strategy. Ask Mini? After all why launch something new when you can re-kindle deep seated memories of a better time. Wham bar anyone?”

Kate Wooding, Business Developer, tictoc
“As the proud owner of a Nissan Figaro, I like the nostalgia for ‘retro’ designs. We all feel a strong pull to things that connect us to our past - whether that’s the TV programmes we used to watch, music we listened to, or sweets we bought. I don’t think it’s dangerous: it won’t stop innovation and the development of new products and designs. There’s nothing wrong with a nod to the past.”

Douglas Colquhoun, Senior Designer, Pointsize Wolffe and Co.
“Yes - though one persons ‘fad’ is another’s ‘limited edition’. It shows the appeal of brands, even after 20 years or more and, in the case of Wispa, those Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones ads. Opportunistic, even a little lazy, but if you have Cadbury’s heritage then use it. Bring back Texan...Cabana...”

Guy Harrower, Creative Director, Campaign HQ
“Nostalgia can’t be a fad. We will always look back to what influenced, excited and pleased us be it in music, fashion or food trends. Good brands are capable of reconnecting with audiences without trying too hard, the good will survive the rest will be found under ‘where are they now’. Has anyone seen my packet of Spangles?”

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