Take a fresh approach to raising your profile with potential clients and adding profit to your bottom line

The Drum Network is an organisation that helps make marketing services agencies more successful – by giving them the tools to build a higher profile and the knowledge to increase their profits.

The world of marketing services is nothing if not competitive. Breaking through and getting noticed by clients is nothing if not challenging. There are more than 30,000 agencies in the UK alone – each one vying for the attention of potential clients, suitors, talent and media coverage.

The Drum Network helps get its members on to the radar of potential clients, recruits and other business partners by giving them access to The Drum’s wide range of on and offline editorial products and channels; these include the UK’s largest marketing website, visited by more than 600,000 marketers a month, and the UK’s Business Magazine of the Year 2013.

On another level membership also plugs ambitious independent agency owners into our vast range of contacts, helping to facilitate their development and the honing of the key business skills that are vital to winning in today’s fast moving agency sector.

Contact Chris Morton on 0141 559 6068 or send him an email to chris.morton@thedrum.com for more details on how to join or click below to go directly to our Membership page.

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