| by Propel

What makes digital professionals tick - Job satisfaction & security? Bonuses? We find out in Propel’s latest study

Stats. Big data. Analytics. Focusing on numbers and performance is what many of us have to do on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in this data driven environment it’s easy to forget that we’re talking about people, not numbers. “We have to humanise big data”, says Cindy Gallop, and it couldn’t be more true.

Propel’s latest research reveals the thoughts of 2,000 digital professionals on how they feel about their jobs and careers. Inspired by the lack of such information in the digital industry, the survey helps breakdown the perception of our industry and its employment conditions straight from the people working in it.

Now on its fifth edition, Propel’s ‘Digital Salary & Industry Insights’ highlights the key trends across four main digital sectors - Marketing, Advertising, Creative Services and Technology. From core salary benchmarking to employment conditions, it provides granular industry insight by cross referencing 4,566 records from both internal data and 2,000 surveyed respondents. Find out more about what makes digital professionals tick, from the factors that drive job change and job satisfaction to salary distributions across all levels of seniority: http://bit.ly/WjpviI