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Web Design Trends in 2013

Web Design Trends in 2013Web Design Trends in 2013

When it comes to small business website design, it is important for businesses to ensure they get the design just right for a number of reasons. A small businesses website can play a big part in the overall growth of the business, and the design of your site could play a big part in the number of visitors you receive as well as the number of visitors that convert into customers.

One way in which you can make more informed decisions with regards to the style and design of your website is to look at the latest website design trends for 2013. Both established and emerging trends for this year can help to provide ideas and inspiration for businesses looking to set up a website that will be well received by target audiences.

5 trends with 2013 business websites
When it comes to business websites, trends have varied widely over the years. For those businesses that are keen to stay on top of the latest trends in website design, here are some of the latest.

Detailed graphics: Many businesses have realised that content alone is not enough to capture the attention of visitors, particularly at first glance. This is why many website designs now incorporate high quality, detailed graphics that are relevant to the site and business. These are able to grab the attention of website visitors when they first click onto the site.

Homepage presentations: Small businesses with big competitors need to take every opportunity to grab the attention of their website visitors. One way in which they are doing this is through presentations embedded into the homepage. This could be anything from sliding presentations to video demos, which are designed to keep the visitor interested and intrigue them enough to delve further.

Vertical layout: In order to create a slick, modern, and less traditional finish to the website, some small businesses are now opting for a vertical layout where the links and tabs run down the side of the page rather than along the top. This gives the site a fresh, contemporary look rather than the standard finish.

Circular designs: A rising number of business websites have started incorporating circular designs within the website layout, giving the site a more unusual, quirky finish. The content within the circle stands out more, particularly if the designer has made good use of the background outside the circle.

Minimalist design: It took a while, but more and more businesses have realised that packing their landing page to the rafters is not the way to hold the attention of website visitors. In fact, many website visitors will be put off enough to close the site if they are overwhelmed with content and graphics as soon as they click on to it. As a result, a more minimalistic design trend is emerging, which focuses on quality over quantity.

These are just a few of the website design trends that are expected to become more popular over the course of 2013. By taking note of these and other current trends, small businesses can ensure they create websites that are appealing, current and more likely to attract visitors.

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