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Benefits of RTB for brands

Benefits of RTB for brandsBenefits of RTB for brands

Real-time buying is rapidly gaining the attention of today’s most prominent media buyers by taking an increasing share of digital budgets. In the world of video in particular, Forrester Consulting predicts that by 2014, 24.7% of all online video spend will be done using RTB; and similarly the use of RTB as a whole will grow by 57%.

For brand advertisers, buying ads in real-time is becoming the go-to method to quickly and efficiently execute a branding campaign. For brands, the ease of being able to plan and update their campaigns in real time, based on performance analytics, is invaluable especially when platforms like TubeMogul can report on the quality of every single impression bought. The data allows brands to identify their ideal user, while transparent reporting means that brands can trust their ad is in front of their target audience, in a brand safe environment. With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at 5 ways brands can benefit from buying video advertising in real time.

1. Impression-by-Impression Buying and Valuation
Real-time bidding enables brands to bid on individual impressions rather than agreeing to a predetermined fixed price. Buying in real time is cost effective, reduces waste and prevents advertisers from overpaying for media. TubeMogul’s Platform for Brand Marketing allows marketers to evaluate impressions as they come in and make changes mid-campaign based on real-time performance feedback analytics, such as replacing underperforming video units. Real-time bidding means brands only pay what an impression is truly worth.

2. Targeting Technology
Data has become somewhat of a cryptic buzzword when it comes to advertising technology, but advertisers are becoming more aware of the benefits of first and third party data to target desired audiences. With the help of third party data vendors, advertisers can successfully profile their ideal audience by modelling the attributes of existing customers. By taking advantage of first party data, advertisers can optimise their audience based on known quantities – their own customer base. Real time bidding allows advertisers to access the media they want, for the people they choose.

3. Dynamic Optimisation and Real-Time Analytics
The ability to update a video campaign in real-time is a reality with real time buying because performance data is made available as the campaign runs. Advertisers can adjust their campaigns when big news stories hit, update their site lists or add/remove ad units from their campaigns on the fly based on performance.

4. Transparency
Advertisers buying video in real time know which sites their ads are running on before, during, and after their campaigns. TubeMogul provides advertisers with site-by-site reporting and advertisers can adjust their site list at any time while their campaign is running. For many real-time buying markets, impression verification and rankings, based on multiple attributes of an impression, are becoming more commonplace which is the first step to creating a universal metric that measures brand safety and page context. Similarly, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has developed Quality Assurance Guidelines for networks and exchanges which should help alleviate concerns from marketers regarding the safety and promises made by using RTB.

5. Private Exchange Capabilities and Access to Premium Inventory
Private Exchanges are a way for advertisers and publishers to benefit from programmatic buying in a controlled environment. While relatively nascent, the option for advertisers to enter into an exclusive partnership with a single publisher, while gaining the benefits of a real-time buying platform like TubeMogul, is becoming more popular, especially when premium inventory is involved. Local exchanges are also sought after, for local language inventory. TubeMogul recently partnered with the StickyADSTv exchange, the largest premium video marketplace in France, bringing their customers the benefits of being integrated into a premier French private marketplace.

RTB has come a long way in terms of being able to deliver on the requirements of brand advertisers. Executing a RTB video campaign is fast, effective, accountable and transparent. In an effort to further increase the value of RTB for brand advertisers, TubeMogul developed BrandSights, a survey tool built directly into the Platform that allows advertisers to gauge the true impact of their campaign by measuring key brand metrics like lift, awareness, purchase intent and favourability.

It’s clear there are many benefits to buying media in real time and the inventory available for RTB continues to grow. Pre-roll video ads available for programmatic buying in England continue to expand rapidly, averaging 18.4% monthly growth and topping 66.2 million streams per day in January 2013. Efficiency, transparency, precision targeting and scale are just a few ways real time buying can benefit brand advertisers and continue to drive the growth of RTB in 2013.

Marc Galens,
VP International,

E: sales_europe@tubemogul.com
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