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10 reasons why you need RTB

10 reasons why you need RTB10 reasons why you need RTB

Real Time Bidding is continuing to gain real traction and is being embraced by many advertisers as integral to their Display and wider Digital performance strategy.

In a world where acronyms are common place, advertisers may shy away from testing this new and exciting yet often intimidating technology. Leave the selection of DSP, SSP and optimisation of algorithms to us and take note of the top 10 reasons why you need RTB as part of your performance strategy.

1. Be in control: Transparency is key in the new world of RTB. With the ability to view an impression against a user prior to bidding, efficiencies can be evidence driven as wastage is reduced.

2. Be adopters: Global growth in RTB is expected to skyrocket from 2012’s $3 Billion to $14 billion in 2016 (IDC 2012) so early adopters in this space are truly taking advantage of a vast opportunity to shape the RTB landscape. Advertisers fully engaged in RTB will be best placed to ride the growth.

3. Be Efficient: RTB allows an advertiser to bid for a user based on impression and user relevancy. Through adopting a dynamic CPM buying model the advertiser and agency are empowered to pay the appropriate rate based on campaign objectives and relevancy.

4. Be safe: Brand safety and content verification are highly important in the ever more fragmented Display world. With increasing volumes of user generated content, pre-bid ad verification and ad blocking solutions allow greater trust in RTB.

5. Be smart with 1st party data: Through ensuring advertiser data is protected and not shared for the benefit of competitor advertisers, RTB can reflect a bespoke client strategy. New and existing customer strategies, retention and upsell programmes and look-a-like targeting can harvest the power of advertiser data to incremental effect.

6. Be smart with 3rd party data: In order to prospect for incremental users, utilising 3rd part data to gain insight into market audiences can increase RTB scale and enhance campaign reach.

7. Be personalised: Through RTB we have a true understanding of an individual user and the opportunity to tailor creative messaging which leads to increased CTR, CR’s and customer affinity to the brand.

8. Be ambitious: RTB is no longer restricted to desktop inventory. With the continual evolution of mobile and video advertising capabilities and scale, publishers are releasing multi screen inventory to RTB.

9. Be trusting: Sophisticated optimisation in real time is a major advantage of the RTB landscape. Advertisers must be trusting of technology to enable real time optimisation throughout the campaign lifecycle.

10. Be impactful: In order to fully determine the power of RTB, the influence on other channels must be considered through attribution. Having RTB within a path to conversion may play a part in primary awareness and prospecting or harvesting intent initially driven via a complimentary channel. RTB across Display can be impactful throughout the purchase cycle.

Don’t forget the human touch. Advancements in technology are key to driving RTB development yet knowledgeable Display specialists are needed to truly navigate this space.

Premium publishers still have an important part to play in today’s ever changing ecosystem as propriety technology, exclusive partner relationships and industry experience add true value above and beyond pure RTB and Trading Desk strategies.

Real Time Bidding in Action
Taking a travel client as an example, RTB can not only enhance a display campaign but also a multichannel digital strategy. As the figures below demonstrate, through creating a multi touch point re-messaging strategy, RTB can enable a route to harvesting sales above and beyond Display.

Our RTB strategy focused around segmented retargeting, prospecting, geotargeting to airports, viewability and audience insight optimisation. This was complimented via key site specific environments to increase our new customer acquisition.

The results showed that from December 2012 to January 2013, 47% of user conversion paths contained multi channel exposure with an average number of 9 exposures per path. Initial findings demonstrated that Display (where 65% spend was RTB) drove the lowest CPA and highest ROAS compared to 3 complimentary digital performance channels.

In addition, we found that customers who had seen an RTB direct response ad prior to engaging with a PPC ad were 3X more likely to convert, for Price Comparison sites this was 1.84X, and for SEO this was 2.37X more likely to convert.

Such findings demonstrate RTB’s impact above and beyond a pure Display strategy. Ensuring RTB is part of a multi channel digital strategy, truly allows advertisers to embrace this opportunity to add real value to digital campaigns.

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