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How to succeed in the age of magic

How to succeed in  the age of magicHow to succeed in the age of magic

Arthur C Clarke once wrote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.“ If this is the case, we live in an age of magic.

We can find anything in the world by putting a word in a box (thanks Google). We can find stuff we really like through the recommendations and behaviour of others (thanks TripAdvisor, thanks Spotify). We expect brands to know our tastes and the sorts of things we might like before we even know it ourselves (thanks Amazon). We expect information to be in the palm of our hand (thanks Apple and Android).

Data and technology allow brands to do remarkable things and the magic of the digital age has come to define our expectations. We’re spoilt. It’s magic.

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is stuff that works”

Douglas Adams has a point. Magic only works when it captivates its audience and you can’t see the workings out. Technology can be clunky and dry. It can fail. It can be intrusive and impersonal. It can be spam. It can stalk us.

So, how do brands succeed in the age of magic?

1. Be more human
At Jaywing we believe the key to creating magical digital experiences – indeed, the key to a brand’s success – is bringing technology, data, insight and values together to be more human.

Our work recognises that people engage with brands and organisations on an emotional as well as a rational level. We provide experiences that add value to users’ lives. And we start conversations that can grow into lasting customer relationships. Our communications are more effective because they’re based in a deep understanding of how people really think, feel and behave.

Good human brands are like good human beings. They have a genuine personality, a great story to tell and a useful role in your life. They’re inspirational, leading the way in new directions. They come to life through the people who make them, and communicate in a way that makes you laugh, cry, think, wish, wonder or explore. They understand relevance, and find magical ways to get in touch at just the right time – “It’s like they knew what I was thinking!” They start conversations – never just about themselves - and keep them flowing, and avoid talking at you without listening back.

They’re the ones you want to be sat next to at a dinner party.

Take Castrol. We’ve helped them become a more human brand from the seemingly unpromising starting point of lubricant. How? By creating rich digital experiences that involve and engage people. By finding people who are talking about the stuff Castrol can help with and drawing them into these experiences. But most importantly, by adding value to the stuff that people find interesting and becoming part of the conversations they’re already having, using data to turn conversations about sport into conversations about performance.

2. Get a deeper understanding
Human communications are powered by a deep understanding of human behaviour, which in turn needs to be powered by the right mix of people. At Jaywing we create dynamic teams of analysts, researchers, technologists, usability experts and strategic and creative thinkers to generate powerful multi-platform ideas for brands.

And we are all too aware that the challenge of being more human is an operational as much as an attitudinal challenge. Our Model Office methodology creates a fully operating prototype of the best operational approach to delivering communications journeys designed around the customer. The right team, the right processes, the right operating costs, the right return on investment.

Our client, Aviva, is a complex organization with a legacy of siloed propositions that makes delivering a fully integrated, multi product communications journey operationally challenging. We’ve created a working prototype of a new way of working that has so far delivered a 4-fold increase in propensity to purchase, which we’re optimising on an initial segment of customers before rolling out across the business. Unlocking value by creating change.

3. Make change happen
We like change-makers, and are proud to have been instrumental in the success of brands that have genuinely changed the conventions of their category. Our work with first direct made people love their bank. We’ve supported The Open University’s belief that inspiring learning should be everywhere, with apps that filled a course in a day and boast over 1 million unique users and counting. We’ve helped The Co-operative articulate that they’re good with money and food.

Changing perceptions. Altering habits. Changing the nature of relationships. Improving the bottom line. And, ultimately, changing the way people engage with brands by helping brands change the way they think and go about marketing. We are Jaywing. We’d love to help you make change happen.

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Planning Director

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