How The Drum increased response to Green Shoots Recruitment campaign

I have experience of advertising, as a recruiter within the creative, marketing and digital sectors, in The Drum and Adline for over 10 years. I advertise in other places as it is important to capture as many relevant candidates as possible. All candidates registered are interviewed; I am only interested in the best quality candidates from the industry that fit within my client base.

I have consistently advertised in The Drum as I know it delivers. Response wise it's been varied, not huge numbers but I'm often able to find a few candidates to interview for the majority of roles advertised. I would say quality over quantity. Time of the year can affect the response, for example, less people look for a new role over the summer and in December.

Earlier this year I was able to do some comparing as I was advertising on a number of online recruitment sites all of whom had ensured me of a high and good quality response to creative, marketing & digital roles. Unfortunately although I received a higher volume of CV's, the quality of those applying that matched the requirements of my clients was very poor. Over the period I monitored I was receiving over 1,000 CV's a month. My time was taken up with trawling CV's with irrelevant or questionable experience.

Over a 2 month period, I monitored who I interviewed and how those candidates had found out about Green Shoots Recruitment.

Candidates Intervied How They Applied
9 Recommondations
9 The Drum
8 Applied Directly
5 Major publication with known links to the creative industry
3 Major general recruitment site
1 On line marketing recruitment advertising specialist
1 On line marketing & digital recruitment advertising specialist
3 Random sites not advertising on

I was pleased that The Drum had delivered so many good candidates. I was right to trust The Drum to deliver quality over quantity. That's what you want from your recruitment advertising - results!