Windows 8 - Changing the ways we interact with our PC
Windows 8 was a big and brave step for Microsoft. The computer market had seen a dip in sales due to the rise of smartphones and tablets and with Windows 8, Microsoft was determined to present something new and exciting – bringing the best of both worlds together by merging desktop and tablet interfaces into one. The layout of the Windows...

15 July 2013

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Orion Support Services appoints Wickedweb as their full service agency
We’re pleased to announce that waste management company, Orion Support Services, has appointed Wickedweb as their full service digital marketing agency. Orion operates a waste management and resource recovery service throughout the southeast of England, working closely with construction companies, retail malls and stores, industrial estates,...

15 July 2013

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Wickedweb work experience - our Wicked week, by Krupa and Chrystal
This week, we've been lucky enough to have two fantastic students from Townley Grammar visit Wickedweb on work experience placements. Here's how they got on... When people hear the words ‘work experience’, thoughts of making tea and filing instantly come to mind. However we were lucky enough to get our placement here at...

5 July 2013

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Raise money for charity with Thistle Hotels and Lite@Nite
Help raise money for vulnerable children across the country by visiting the website we’ve recently launched for Thistle Hotels as part of their new fundraising project, Lite@Nite. Thistle Hotels will be running annual events to raise money for Thistle charity partners; make sure you keep an eye on their website and follow @ThistleHotels...

20 June 2013

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Interactive Maps: There\'s more to maps than meets the eye...
I’ve noticed recently that interactive maps have become increasingly popular; quite a few of my projects have required an informative and detailed map, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my findings with you. As a designer, I was quite surprised to learn how much can be done with a Google map these days. Many...

10 June 2013

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Read all about it…Our wagamama website makeover features in this month\'s .NET magazine.
This month, our wagamama design and build project features in the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers, .NET magazine. The article, which can be found on pages 118-119 of this month’s edition, details how we designed a multi-channel digital strategy to engage, inform and educate wagamama customers,...

5 June 2013

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Multi-Mania Conference - Round-up
Rarely do we go beyond the White Cliffs of Dover to visit conferences/training events, but on this occasion we did! Multi-Mania is a free Belgian conference done almost entirely in English; in a league that isn't far off the mega-sized technology conferences which California plays host to. The Adobe-sponsored two-day event comes just a...

27 May 2013

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Mozilla teams up with Unreal
So, the folks over at Mozilla have recently managed to port Unreal Engine 3 to run with WebGL. Over a million lines of code have been converted from C++ to JavaScript in just four days, with a LLVM to JavaScript compiler called Emscripten. It runs reasonably well too; granted you need the nightly build of Firefox, and even then it stops...

20 May 2013

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Wickedweb goes international - Our Lithuanian office is now open!
We arrived at Stansted late on Sunday 21st April, relaxed from the weekend and enthusiastic about our trip. Making our way into the departure lounge, a few of us had a bite to eat and a drink to calm our nerves before the flight ahead (not me, I’m well hard and like flying). Before long we proceeded to our gate, boarded the plane and took...

10 May 2013

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State of the Browser 3 - Conference round-up
Last month was non-stop with plenty of interesting talks and conferences to attend but this has undoubtedly been one my favourite so far this year. State of the Browser (SOTB) is an annual one-day conference focusing on the web browser from both design and development perspectives. SOTB is hosted at Ravensbourne College which is a stunning...

5 May 2013

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Medway Council website named one of the best council websites in the country.
We’re pleased to announce that the Medway Council website, designed and built by Wickedweb, has been awarded four stars in the annual SOCITM UK council website audit. The highest possible rating bestowed by the Society of Information Technology Management, the website is just one of five English unitary council websites to achieve the...

20 April 2013

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Approaching responsive web design - The Digital Pond meetup...
Just a short walk from our Farringdon office was one of the first in a series of meetups hosted by Cyber-Duck agency’s The Digital Pond group. Some of the leading professionals in Responsive Web Design (RWD) were there to discuss and present best practices, viewpoints and insights on the topic from a mainly front-end...

15 April 2013

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BrightonSEO - reflections on the day\'s events
Well, we’ve certainly taken our time letting you know how we got on at BrightonSEO last week! It was a great event – congratulations to Kelvin and what must be a vast support team for once more providing SEO consultants and agencies the platform to meet up, chat over ideas, discuss the latest search engine updates and generally have...

15 April 2013

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Frontend United...Conference round-up
Frontend United is an annual European conference that moves from country to country, previously hosted in Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam. Despite being a strongly Drupal themed conference, it's topics are perfectly relevant to any Frontend developer regardless of what CMS they work with. Last weekend, beneath the arches of the Shoreditch...

11 April 2013

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Boom!...and the block is gone
So, it's 15:20 and I've looked at the clock a total of 6 times since getting back from lunch, following a morning throwing ideas around in Illustrator. Everything is right there on my art-board, ready to make that winning concept with the perfect mix of ‘wow factor’, fabulous functionality, ‘could that work?’ and...

10 April 2013

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Sitecore\'s Digital Trendspot 2013 - a day of presentations, workshops and 3D glasses
Yesterday, we headed to the Emirates Stadium for Sitecore’s annual Digital Trendspot event. This year, the one-day event, which is dedicated to exploring changes in digital marketing, focused on ‘digital nirvana’; discovering the art of the possible (and sometimes impossible) as brands move towards their goals. Throughout...

28 March 2013

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BIMA D-Day: Wickedweb\'s mentored school wins Social Media Challange!
You may remember that we took part in BIMA D-Day at the end of last year. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that the school which Wickedweb MD, Stuart Wells, visited and mentored won the 2012 Social Media Challenge! In a nutshell, the school pupils had to imagine that their school or college had just opened a café to the public....

22 March 2013

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Don\'t move my soya milk - the importance of familiarity and effective user journeys, by Senior Designer, James Saunders
For the past few years, I’ve been walking the same 300 yards, past the same shops to the same Supermarket to make the same purchase – at least once a week. It was a routine, comfortable and easy and I could do it on autopilot. A fortnight ago though, that all changed, and, in the words of Shaun Ryder, it is twistin’ my...

15 March 2013

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Designing for the wider screen, by Designer, Simon Fenn
With my previous posts focusing on how websites are viewed on desktop, tablets and mobile (i.e. getting small, smaller and even smaller), I thought I would turn my focus to the other formats: wider, bigger and better! I have recently been working on several projects where I have either been briefed to design for larger screens or experimenting...

7 March 2013

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Pixel Party People - are avatars taking over?
If your Twitter timeline or Facebook feed has seen a dramatic influx of colourful caricatures bearing a resemblance to your friends over the past fortnight, the chances are you’ve already heard of iMadeFace. The new iOS app stormed to the top of the free charts on the App Store in multiple countries, including the UK and USA. The...

27 February 2013

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Get to know and maintain your website\'s APIs
Social Networking APIs†: today they’re at the heart of most company websites which rely on them to display their latest news, promotions or the all important tweet that Lucy from Accounts has just reached company HQ with some delightful confectionery for all to indulge in. So what are APIs? Should you be concerned? And most...

12 February 2013

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There\'s no \'I\' in team - the importance of collaborative working
The online network of people sharing thoughts and ideas, communicating and inspiring each other, has become a huge business. ‘No man (or woman) is an island’, as they say, and this statement is true whether you’re a designer or developer. Thinking about communication between digital specialists online got me thinking about...

15 February 2013

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wagamama website wins prestigious IMA Best in Class award
We’re thrilled to announce that the wagamama website, designed and built by Wickedweb, has won the IMA Best in Class Award in the ‘Food/Beverage’ category, with a fantastic overall score of 489 out of 500. The highest honour bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards, the Best in Class Award represents the very best in...

15 February 2013

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Integrating Search Strategy
Applying your knowledge of English language and grammar to writing a science paper is a perfect example of using knowledge in one field to gain an advantage in another, combining your knowledge to form a more cohesive argument. In search marketing, there are two main disciplines; Paid Search and Organic Search. The same theory of knowledge...

25 January 2013

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BLESMA appoints Wickedweb to design and build website
We’re proud to announce that the British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association, BLESMA, has appointed Wickedweb as their digital marketing agency. The charity directly supports all service men and women who have lost limbs, the use of limbs, or their sight, whilst in the service of our country. We’re immensely proud to be...

22 January 2013

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Travis Perkins appoints Wickedweb to develop mobile app
We are proud to announce that one of the largest suppliers to the UK’s building and construction industry, Travis Perkins plc, has appointed Wickedweb to develop their first mobile app. With more than 600 branches nationwide, we’ll be working alongside the client to produce an innovative, industry-leading app for the popular...

21 January 2013

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Design and web-related ponderings...
Did you know… Do you know what the internet really is? When a squirrel chewed through a cable and knocked journalist Andrew Blum offline, he started wondering what the Internet was really made of. So he set out to go and see it -- the underwater cables, secret switches and other physical bits that make up the net. You can see his...

20 January 2013

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Design resolutions for 2013
Usually, whenever I write any New Year’s Resolutions, they’re quickly scrawled onto a scrap of paper, stuffed in a drawer and forgotten about – a task done out of a misplaced sense of duty and tradition rather than promise. Some day, I imagine finding them all and weeping to myself at everything I’ve failed to...

10 January 2013

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How design can aid Digital Brand Engagement
In between chomping into mince pies and glugging mulled wine on Christmas Eve, my mother confided in me that she held as much fear about the ritual of gathering around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning and gleefully unwrapping presents, as she did excitement. Not being one to ruin the magic of Christmas, I enquired further. “I...

5 January 2013

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Merry Christmas from Wickedweb! Festive conundrums...
It wouldn't be Christmas without a few good 'ole Christmas conundrums, would it? Take a look at what Wickedwebbers discussed round the table at Wickedmas 2012...Why not share a few of our conundrums over Christmas dinner? You never know what answers you'll get after a few glasses of sherry...

19 December 2012

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