14 September 2011

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson to be the voice of sat nav

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson to be the voice of sat nav

In a digital world where everything is at your fingertips sat nav is a must, and now thanks to TomTom you can have the one and only Jeremy Clarkson as your driving partner at all times.

Engine Creative were approached by Top Gear to create the on screen graphics and icons for the launch of TomTom's Top Gear branded sat nav.

The new gadget (launched next month) will feature Jeremy Clarkson’s voice to ensure you arrive where you need to be, equipped with all the irreverent humour you would expect from Jeremy. Instead of the usual instruction to ‘Do a U-turn where possible’ he will order drivers to perform a handbrake turn where safe to do so.

The user can also choose a from a collection to Top Gear’s most famous ‘cars’ to replace the standard arrow icon used for pinpointing the current location. These include James May’s caravan airship and the flame throwing ‘snowbine’ to name but a few.

There is even a Stig mode [mute] if Clarkson’s voice gives you road rage or you just fancy some peace and quiet.

Engine Creative has been working with the BBC Top Gear team for over a decade now and can't wait to try the new gadget ourselves.

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