Fine-tune Your Strategy to Focus on & Sell to Connected Customers

Why Should You Attend This Event?


We know that marketing is changing at a pace of knots with more and more senior marketers planning on spending over two thirds of their budget digitally but how are you creating a consistent and unified experience for your customers across all of your platforms?

Whilst you may have developed an integrated approach managing a range of content across a plethora of channels, are you delivering a consistent message to your customers? It is time to stop distinguishing between online and offline communications and look at the role each touchpoint should play.

At our two day conference, we will discuss how to hand-pick the most appropriate mix of channels for the campaign and then develop the right creative execution of the idea for your customers for each one. Learn how to look at the business problem not the technology. Know your customer and allow yourself to be customer-led by choosing the right tools for the job.

What is your purpose?

Why a clear purpose is essential in giving focus to your marketing and ensuring your brand promise and brand delivery remain integral to the experience of the multi-channel customer.

Who is Your Audience?

How do you figure out exactly what your customers want? It is a necessity for you to comprehend customers’ needs, desires, dreams and ambitions better than anyone.

How Are You Standing Out?

Develop the right creative execution of the right idea for the right channel. Remember it is essential to have a consistent cross channel brand message

Measure What Matters

It is time to make sure you are evaluating the real goals with the most relevant KPI’s for your business. Are you tracking an effective customer experience across all touch points?

Balance Effectiveness With Efficiency

Develop an advanced approach to data management that gives you and your team insight into the buying patterns and online behaviour of your prospects. Are you collecting data in real time and processing it with amazing efficiency and precision?

Who Should Attend This Event?

Job Titles Include: Director/Head Marketing/Manager - Digital/Online/Search/Social/Display/CRM
Sectors Include: FMCG, Travel, Leisure, Tech, Entertainment, Third Sector, Automotive & Finance

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