Cadbury: Mum's Birthday by VCCP

Agency: VCCP
Client: Cadbury
Date: Jan 2018
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Cadbury is banking on its heritage as a family brand to help recapture the magic and “reconnect with consumers” as part of £12m global push which centres around everyday moments of generosity.

Armed with a new creative agency in the form of VCCP, the chocolate maker has made a "more down to earth" refresh.

Cadbury has launched an emotive ad telling the story of a little girl who enters a newsagent and approaches the counter to buy a Dairy Milk, not for herself but for her hardworking mum. Having never made a purchase before the girl pulls out her purse to pay and in lieu of money presents a small collection of trinkets to the shopkeeper. The man behind the counter accepts the offer of a button, a fake diamond ring and a plastic medal, before returning to her a miniature unicorn as ‘change’ before she hands the chocolate to her mum outside.

A new strapline – ‘There’s a glass and a half in every one’ – makes reference to the brand’s historical recipe which called for a strict amount of milk in every half-pound chocolate bar, as well as the fact that there is kindness in every individual.


Agency: VCCP

Brand: Cadbury