The Inner Temple: The Honorable Society by SomeOne

Agency: SomeOne
Date: Oct 2017
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The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, commonly known as The Inner Temple, is one of the four Inns of Court (professional associations for barristers and judges) in London.

Today the The Inner Temple is a flourishing and active Inn of Court, with over 8,000 members. The Inn has many touch points with varied audiences. Design practice Some One tracked the way that people come into contact with the inn and ensured that the proximity to the brand is reflected in the way it behaves.

The branding has been deployed across all channels from print to merchandise to a fully reconsidered digital platform.


Simon Manchipp — executive creative director & strategy, Some One

Rich Rhodes — creative director, Some One

Jamin Galea — digital design director, Some One

Shaun Turnbull — senior designer, Some One

Tim Green — designer & artist at Large, Some One

Stephanie Tyler — senior account manager, Some One

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