Formula E: Electrifying Formula E by Prophet

Agency: Prophet
Client: Formula E
Date: Jan 2018
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This new brand identity for Formula E from Prophet seeks to create a more original and differentiated proposition for Formula E. The campaign didn't aim to reposition the sport as a competitor of F1, but as an adrenaline racing sport in its own right.

The idea behind the campaign, according to Prophet, was ‘the city lexicon'; an identity that feels at home in city streets designed to attract a newer and younger audience. It took the brand's existing blue and ‘electrified’ it to make it stand out on the track and on screen, and brought in a dark, rich purple to give it a distinctive feel, in opposition to the traditional, masculine red and blacks seen in motorsport.

The icons, inspired by the signs and road marking in our urban environments, helped it create a unique visual language that layers together to create something entirely new.

The work aims to dramatise the urban, gritty side of this motorsport to make it more relevant to a younger generation and mainstream audience of enthusiasts, translating the spirit of the evolved Formula E and its city street racing into a more contemporary visual identity.


Gregg Finlay - Creative Director - Prophet

Pete Cutler - Design Director - Prophet

Ronan Horan - Senior Designer - Prophet