New York Bakery Company: Unexpected Summer Romance by Now

Agency: Now
Date: Jun 2017
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The New York Bakery Company has launched ‘an Unexpected Summer Romance’ campaign that sees the brand create a series of romance novels with a twist.

The series stars New York bagels and various delectable food toppings having passionate, and at times illicit, encounters.

It is inspired by vintage romance novels, and tells the stories of intimate trysts between burgers and bagels, avocados and bagels and even strawberries, cream cheese and bagels.

They are titled ‘A Strawberry Seduction’, ‘An Avocado Affair’ and ’The Burger Infidelity’. Styled like 1940s escapist romance novels, they will also appear as a series of print executions.

The series hopes to inspire consumers to consider the classic New York bagel as a surprising but perfect summer recipe companion.


Brand New York Bakery Co

Client New York Bakery Co

Agency Now

Brief (in one line) The campaign celebrates bagels having a summer romance with summer foods. A series of novels tell the romantic tales of bagels meeting classic summer ingredients.

Media exposure Print, AV content

ECD Remco Graham

Creative Director Harv Bains

Creative team Sam Simmonds and George Coyle

Copywriter/author of the books Roger Morris

Head of Design Aaron Moss

Illustrator Sharif Tarabay


Planner Amelia Wood

Account Director Jack Howker

Account Manager Katy Stanage

Print Producer Callum Furminger

Media Print, AV content