Ohio Lottery Commission: Problem Gambling Ohio by Northlich

Agency: Northlich
Date: Jan 2018
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These new spots for the Ohio Lottery Commission directly attack the misperception that problem gamblers "are just making bad choices."

Problem gambling is a disorder, not a decision, as is pointed out in the spots. Each spot uses tongue-in-cheek humor to drive the point home that gambling can be a serious problem. In one, a dad announces to his family that he will develop a gambling problem, while the chief executive of a company says that profits will decline while he uses company funds to bleed them dry. In a third, a woman announces to her friends that she is choosing to develop a gambling problem.

In all, the spots, by Cincinnati agency Northlich, are tagged with "nobody chooses to have a gambling disorder" and that "it's a disorder, not a decision" that can affect anyone.


Hutson Kovanda - Executive Creative Director, Art Director - Northlich

Pat Pujolas - Creative Director, Writer - Northlich

Trisch Cranor - Producer - Northlich

Kate Lett - Account Executive - Northlich

Teresa Martinez - Account Supervisor - Northlich

Cameron Harris - Director - Gravy Films

Sam Womelsdorf - Producer - The PPS Group

John Chema - Director of Photography - Gravy Films

Preston Price - Editor - The PPS Group

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