HP: Paro by HP Studios

Agency: HP Studios
Client: HP
Date: Mar 2018
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On International Women’s Day, HP is inviting girls to reinvent their stories and reach for their dreams. A new short film, ‘Paro,’ a short film shot in Kolkata, India, follows a girl’s journey as she discovers her passion for storytelling.

In addition to the film, HP is introducing a range of social impact programs, rooted in the company’s belief that technology can be a democratizing force in telling and sharing stories that matter.

In ‘Paro’ a young girl experiences the triumph of sharing her story with others through an untraditional and unexpected path. We see her drawing and writing in a notebook at home and at school. We see her teacher take away her book because it distracts her from her schoolwork, and the girl is ashamed to tell her parents. But as the teacher reviews her book and finds a wonderful story. She copies the story and hands it out at an assembly, justifying Paro’s dream of writing and storytelling.

Produced by HP Studios, the film was created to inspire schoolchildren to celebrate their differences and show how technology can reinvent and make life better.


Agency: HP Studios

Creative Director and writer: Sainath Saraban

Production House: Electric Dreams Film Company

Director: Oni Sen

Producer: Suparna Chatterjee,

Director of Photography: Rubais

Music: Tajdar Junaid.

Production Designer: Kaushik Das

Casting: Anmol Ahuja