Stoneleigh : Original Art by Stoneleigh by Digitas Australia

Client: Stoneleigh
Date: May 2018
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New Zealand winery Stoneleigh has launched an experiential campaign for its Stoneleigh Wild Valley range featuring an art film inspired by the wine.

The campaign, which was created by Digitas, enlisted artist Susie Sie and experimental sound designer Nikolai Von Sallwitz to create a sensory experience that aimed to “capture the wine brand’s unique philosophy and winemaking practice”.

The film screened as the centerpiece of a wine tasting experience in Melbourne.


Client: Pernod Ricard Winemakers

Brand: Stoneleigh Wild Valley

Creative Agency: Digitas

Creative Director: Simon Brock

Client Lead: Susan Montgomery

Director, Visual Artist: Susie Sie

Shooting Assistant: Remo Gambacciani

Executive Producer: Lars Wagner

TVC Editor: Marsha Levina

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Added 25 May 2018
Agency: CP+B
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