McDonald's: Ramadan by DDB Tribal

Agency: DDB Tribal
Client: McDonald's
Date: Jun 2018
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Ramadan is a special month for Muslims around the world.

Here in Singapore, in our multi-racial, multi-cultural society, McDonald's wanted to share the warmth of the season with everyone - the humanity in our diversity.

Singaporeans Muslims are a busy lot, even and especially during Ramadan.

So, when it comes to breaking fast, it's a really a nice gesture when someone shares their food. Especially when that someone is a non-Muslim, it becomes a 'wow' moment of grace, gratitude and sharing.

After all, we are better-together.

The camera follows a McDonald's delivery rider during a day in the month of Ramadan, as he makes deliveries, overcomes difficulties and even helps a man whose car has broken down. We see his dedication, his struggles and his perseverance as he rises to the call of duty and his faith.

As he makes his final McDelivery to end a long, hard day, something truly special happens. We witness the touch of humanity, grace and goodness - man to man, brother to brother.

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