SurveyMonkey: Shoulda (Used Surveymonkey) by Bullpen Integrated

Client: SurveyMonkey
Date: Oct 2017
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SurveyMonkey is launching a new ad campaign titled 'Shoulda Used SurveyMonkey,' showing some of the business missteps that could have been prevented if only companies asked the right questions - and listened to the voices of their customers and employees.

According to Bullpen Integrated, the agency that created the campaign, the idea came up as you “can’t help but notice all the real-world examples of companies failing to seek feedback before moving ahead.”

This campaign is a series of several humorous videos showing exaggerated, yet real-life business situations, where asking could have prevented messy mistakes and helped embrace diverse perspectives. For example, marketers launching a new logo in which outsiders immediately see a double meaning, or an employee misinterpreting the customer experience team’s recommendation of showing customer appreciation.

The ads are now launching in the US on social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with landing pages developed for each of the cases (Marketing, Customer Experience, HR). In addition to the paid media campaign, SurveyMonkey plans to share newsletter and blog content, data, and resources that offer solutions on how to ask the right questions to #PowerTheCurious businesses and individuals.


Lakshmi Hari - Head of Integrated Marketing - SurveyMonkey

Ricky Mintz - CEO - Bullpen Integrated

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