BrightGuard, NYC Parks Dept and and nonprofit IMPACT Melanoma: Sun Safety Stations by BrightGuard

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While there are many barriers to preventing skin cancer through sunscreen, the most common seems to be forgetting to pack or apply it. That's why one new company – motivated to bring an end to the statistic that someone is diagnosed with melanoma every eight seconds in the US – is working hard to ensure that sunscreen dispensers become as common and accessible as drinking fountains.

They are doing so with the invention and creation of massive seven-foot, umbrella-clad sunscreen towers to provide free, effective sunscreen to all people, first launching in New York City. These BrightGuard Sun Safety Stations are designed to be fun and interactive, and also provide a unique and creative way for corporate brands sponsoring these towers to interact with potential consumers as the messaging area of the towers provides a malleable platform to promote messages and advertisements on a positive, progressive and welcoming platform.

In addition to the creative, marketing and social impact elements, these Sun Safety Stations have the potential to reduce the amount of money needed for skin cancer treatments on a national level. The project piloted in Flagstaff, Arizona and at New York, with more free sunscreen tower installations to come.


Ryan Warren - co-founder - BrightGuard

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