Lynx: Find Your Magic Shop by 72andSunny Amsterdam

Client: Lynx
Date: Jul 2017
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Borne out of its new positioning that celebrates guys' individuality, Lynx has launched the interactive 'Find Your Magic' pop up shop in Dublin, which will enable guys to harness state-of-the-art styling tools and products to create the best version of themselves.

Research shows that 55% of guys haven’t changed their hairstyle in more than a year. So, to give guys some new inspiration or just new grooming techniques, the ‘Find Your Magic’ pop-up shop experience is designed to get guys more comfortable experimenting with their looks.

At the heart of the shop, guys will find an interactive Magic Mirror - an augmented reality experience giving guys the ability to “try on” six of Ireland’s most searched-for hairstyles, according to Google data. The mirror’s facial targeting and tracking system smoothly renders hairstyles onto the guy’s reflection, giving them freedom of movement to review new hairstyles from various angles.

The Find Your Magic shop also gives guys the opportunity to work on their grooming routine, and purchase Lynx’s full range of products.



Rik Strubel - Global Vice President - Axe/Lynx

Chiara Grillo, Inês Leitão Henriques, Alessandro Del Forno - Global Brand Development - Axe/Lynx

Peter Hatton - Ireland Head of Personal Care Marketing - Unilever

Advertising Agency

Stuart Harkness, Carlo Cavallone - Executive Creative Director - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Richard Harrington - Director of Design - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Matt Heck, Laura Visco - Creative Director - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Sandra Nicolas - Sr Designer - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Fanny Molins, Richard Gorodecky - Writer - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Danny Feeney - Strategy Director - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Paul Chauvin - Strategist - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Simon Summerscales - Director of Communications - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Angelina Joy - Brand Director - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Maaike Baan - Brand Coordinator - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Stephanie Oakley - Director of Production - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Tobin Nageotte - Sr Producer - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Jan Olde Loohuis - Creative Technologist - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Selam Kehishen - Business Affairs Manager - 72andSunny Amsterdam

Production Company

Martino Butti - Experiential Producer - UNIT9

Jenny Lam - Executive Producer - UNIT9

Yi Nong Dong - Project Manager - UNIT9

YiFei Chai - Creative Lead - UNIT9

Maciej Zasada - Technical Lead - UNIT9

Julien Didisheim - Art Director - 3D - UNIT9

Andrew Oaten - Lead Developer - Unity - UNIT9


INK & Associates - Build Management

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