Writer, Reader, Rascal

Writer, Reader, Rascal

To be a successful copywriter you need 8 key things. Fingers. Chortle.

This is the kind of massively unhelpful and entirely spurious advice you can expect from Andrew Boulton, copywriter at Together and all round scoundrel.

Having smashed his increasingly chubby copywriting fingertips against keyboards for many years – starting life as copywriter for Egg before moving on to top Midlands agency Together – he’s learned a thing or two about how to deliver a captivatingly brilliant piece of copy.

Sadly, he’s forgotten all of that and all we’re left with are his shambolic, often scurrilous, ramblings about whatever has caught his wild copywriter’s eye that week.

Enjoy his words, say nice things to him and send him free biscuits. This is all he asks.

You can venture into the world of Together at www.togetheragency.co.uk and follow him on Twitter @Boultini


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