Guest Columnists

Guest Columnists

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When will the creative industries get serious about diversity?

Lenny Henry recently delivered a lecture at BAFTA in which he argued that funds should be... Read more

From a connected ring to your own satellite – the weird and wonderful of the SXSW trade show

One of the challenges of SXSW is that’s there’s so much to see. From the inspiring, to the... Read more

Finally, all those #SXSW tweets are over

Well, the transition in Austin is complete: all of the tech rock stars have been replaced with... Read more

The lesson from NASA: communicating on social media isn’t rocket science. It’s harder.

One of the talking points from this year's SXSW has been the presence and involvement of NASA... Read more

It's not all robotics and R2D2 - Technology needs a name

SXSW is a tech festival like no other, and it has seen a number of talks and seminars around... Read more

How modern technology is helping us embrace the past

How modern technology is helping us embrace the past video

Facebook may be 10 years old but it appears the things people now want to share on the platform... Read more


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