Paul Frampton is managing director of MPG Media Contacts

I consider myself to be very lucky to be in the communications industry right now. The world is changing daily and I love that MPG Media Contacts can now deliver solutions that transcend traditional and digital, media and creative. What we do is all about people, people, people so it’s exciting to have the agency energised around making brands meaningful to people, no matter how fickle they are becoming. I am obsessed with emerging channels and new communications models, which probably explains why my Apple collection (iPhone, iPad and Airbook) accompanies me everywhere (I haven’t been able to drop any one of them yet as they all fulfil different purposes!). I’m fascinated how my three kids effortlessly use technology and how they just expect everything to be at their fingertips. I’m accused of being relentless; I prefer to call it energetic. I adore exploring new cultures and am lucky enough to get this chance regularly as part of my global role within Havas Media.