News - Design

News - Design

The Drum's Designer of the Week - Nelly Ben Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun never fails to surprise. The space-addicted French designer is not only training... Read more

Charlie Hebdo and the poignancy of buildings and experiential design

Ana Juan’s poignant cover image for the New Yorker of the Eiffel Tower rising from a sea of... Read more

NASA celebrates Kepler discoveries with vintage-inspired poster series for 'out of this world' holidays

NASA has marked the discovery of potentially habitable worlds by its Kepler space observatory... Read more

More great tech from CES 2015: Gamification toothbrushes and no-glasses 3D displays catch the eye

Separating the top tech from the gimmicky gadgets, AKQA's Christopher Marsh continues to... Read more

The Drum introduces new awards identities to create cohesive branding

The Drum has overhauled the look of its awards portfolio, including Digital Trading and Social... Read more


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