Chip Shop Awards

Chip Shop Awards

Now in their 11th year, The Chip Shop Awards continues to recognise creativity with no limits and no rules. It's an international creative award, open to anyone with great ideas.

One of the best ways to establish creative reputation is to win awards. But meeting the rules of the 'normal' awards schemes can be difficult - you need to meet criteria such as minimum media spend, dates that work ran, proof that your client approved it and the list goes on.

The Chip Shop Awards is there to recognise that the best ideas don't always fall within the rules. It’s all about ideas. Your work does not have to have been broadcast, printed or mailed. The client doesn't even have to be yours. You just need a brilliant idea.

Entering the Chips is open all year - so as soon as you have a great idea you can enter it and your work will be displayed online throughout the year.

Winners for 2014 where announced at the award ceremony on 12th June at the Ministry of Sound, London.

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Chip Shop Awards


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Sponsorship of our awards says something very positive about you and your business. It also shows that you care about quality, talent and hard graft – and believe in awarding them accordingly. We host numerous awards across various sectors - just pick the event(s) that work for you and start talking to your clients in a language they understand.

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