Chip Shop Awards

Chip Shop Awards

Now in their 14th year, The Chip Shop Awards continue to recognise creativity with no limits and no rules. It's an international creative awards, open to anyone with great ideas.

Are you capable of unhindered creative work? What would you do with total free reign of the advertising world? Whether a student, a junior, a freelancer or the top creative director in all the land – you can enter. 

Here is YOUR chance to roam free with our incredibly random and imaginative categories. The categories are altered every year to keep them fresh, funny and feisty.  But make no mistake: this isn’t all knob gags! We live for creativity. Some of our best entries portray a powerful advert that should make the biggest brands sit up and reconsider their advertising agency spend!

We only work with the finest judges. 2016’s panel consist of Arc WW, Sunshine, Mr. President, Innocent Drinks and One Minute Briefs  to name but a few. Top executive creative directors love these awards as they too, enjoy total creative freedom and love to see how deep your imagination can go...

Check out our previous judges to see how big this thing goes...

Entry deadline: 1 April 2016
Awards ceremony: 9 June 2016






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