Social Buzz Awards - 2014 Winners

Social Buzz Awards - 2014 Winners

Chairman's Award

Social Buzz Individual of the Year

Social Media Agency/Team of the Year

In-house Client Team of the Year

Community Manager of the Year

Best use of Facebook

Best use of Twitter

Best use of Group/Community

Best use of Photo Sharing

Best use of Video

Best User Generated Content

Best Crisis Management

Best Blog

Best Innovation

Best use of Insight/Monitoring

Best use of Mobile Campaign

Best Social Media Customer Service Strategy/Campaign

Best Socially Responsible Initiative

Best Travel/Leisure/Sports Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Best Public Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Best Retail/E-commerce Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Best Charity/Not for Profit Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Best Financial Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Best Professional Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Best B2B Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Best Integrated Campaign

Largest ROI from a social media campaign or strategy

Best use of social media advertising

Low Budget

Best FMCG/ Consumer Goods Social Media Strategy/Campaign

Make Yourself Famous

Sponsorship of our awards says something very positive about you and your business. It also shows that you care about quality, talent and hard graft – and believe in awarding them accordingly. We host numerous awards across various sectors - just pick the event(s) that work for you and start talking to your clients in a language they understand.

Sponsorship packages can be flexible to ensure they are affordable and effective, specifically to suit your business needs. Find out more by contacting Lynn Lester at, or Lesley Grant by tel: 0141 559 6071, by email: .